Nau mai haere mai ki te pai tukutuku hou

28 April 2020 // Updated 15 July 2020



Ka tangihia, ka tipa a Takareto
Ka tangihia, ka topa a Mumuhau
Ka puta te tohutohu tioro mai ngā manumea a Ngātoro
Repanga ōna nuinga
Mārō atu a Moehau
Mārō tonu ki Te Ahuahu
Titiro ki Tāhanga
Ko Tāhanga titiro ki Maunga Tāwhirimatea
Kei raro te taumarumaru a Tāwhirimatea
A te kūmore tapu a Wharetaewa
Hei te tangata
Te Whānganui o Hei te moana
Te O-A-Hei te nuinga
Tuturu whakamaua kia tīna, tīna!
Hui e, taiki e.
Tihei mauri ora!

Nau mai, haere mai ki te pae tukutuku o Ngāti Hei.

“It’s important to keep the people informed and involved as we make decisions and build a bigger, brighter future for Ngāti Hei.”

Welcome to our new look website. It’s a platform for Ngāti Hei iwi members to find out about our history, iwi initiatives and news, and for the general public to learn about Ngāti Hei and our history.

We’ve come a long way. From our treaty hearing in 2000, to Te Pōwhiri, our huge Tuia 250 event commemorating the visit of the Endeavour, and the meeting of Cook, Tupaia and Ngāti Hei chief Toawaka. This website will help tell our stories, and help people connect with Ngāti Hei.

It’s a vital way to connect and communicate with our people. It’s important to keep the people informed and involved as we make decisions and build a bigger, brighter future for Ngāti Hei.

– Joseph Davis, Kaumatua

Whakapapa tells us who we are. I have collated much research tracing our tūpuna and how we fit together. It’s good that now we can use this website to make iwi registration simpler and more secure, and to make sure we can contact our iwi members. We really want all Ngāti Hei members to register through the website to provide current contact details, so they can be informed and engaged in decision making and iwi events.

Patricia Macdonald, Kaumatua

The benefits of technology are especially clear for Māori in 2020. While the country was in lockdown due to Covid-19, and our marae closed,  the Ngāti Hei Trust board continued communicating and working together remotely and will do so moving into the future. In the time of lockdown, we consistently worked collaboratively on various projects and kaupapa. We are very excited to be launching some of the fruits of our labours: this new website for Ngāti Hei.

It is a place our whanaunga can come to connect, and learn more about the organisations and the people who represent Ngāti Hei. It forms the core of our digital communications and will be our primary publishing platform. It also modernises our iwi registration and roll management. So, please take time to register! 

Over time we will bring you more hui and events, more of our stories and more about our history. If you have ideas or requests for stories then please send them to us. We’d love to hear them!

– Kelly Davis, Chair of The Ngāti Hei Charitable Trust

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā tātou katoa.

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