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Is it okay to scatter a loved one’s ashes on the beach or in the sea?

Many kiwis feel they have a real connection to the coastline and the ocean.  It is a common request for people to ask that, after they die, their ashes are […]

How do I make contact with someone from Ngāti Hei?

The best way to make contact with us is via the Contact Us form on this website. The website automatically routes enquiries to the appropriate people.

What benefits are currently available to Ngāti Hei iwi members?

At this stage Ngāti Hei is not setup to provide grants. However, there are grant options available through the Hauraki Māori Trust Board, and Ngāti Hei iwi members are eligible […]

How do I register as a Ngāti Hei iwi member?

You register as a Ngāti Hei ki Wharekaho iwi member using this website. Click the Register button and then choose Register as an Iwi Member. As part of the registration […]

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