How do I register as a Ngāti Hei iwi member?

// Updated 23 April 2020

Iwi Membership


You register as a Ngāti Hei ki Wharekaho iwi member using this website. Click the Register button and then choose Register as an Iwi Member. As part of the registration you will need to know your Ngāti Hei whakapapa back at least as far as your grand parents. You’ll also need to provide us with proof of identity in the form of a Passport or Drivers License (PDF or JPG).

Once you’ve submitted your registration it goes to the Iwi Registration Committee for validation. They may have more questions for you, in which case they will contact you by email or phone.

Once your registration is accepted you will be able to log in to this website and maintain your own entry on the Iwi Roll. This includes contact details and whakapapa. You’ll also get access to the Iwi Directory and iwi restricted content.

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